Fernando Meirelles

Ginga: The Soul Of Brazilian Football


NEW  | 2005


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Brazil - Brazilian - Documentary.



Pele, Zico, Jairzinho, Renaldo, Ronaldinho, Neymar… Some of world’s greatest footballers all have one thing in common: they all hail from Brazil. Ginga: The Soul of Brazilian Football explores the essence of what makes Brazil one of the greatest footballing nations ever known. 'Ginga' is the mysterious, magical quality of rhythm and movement which sets the Brazilian game apart from all the others.

Produced by Fernando Meirelles (City of God) and directed in part by Marcelo Machado (Tropicalia), the film follows seven young footballers from a diverse range of social and ethnic backgrounds, providing an insight into the passionate culture that produces some of the world’s finest footballers.


"Ginga, it’s in our blood, it’s a gift given by God especially to Brazilians who play football and learn to dance from an early age. I think Brazilians are given Ginga when they’re born and continue to improve it through childhood." - Ronaldo


Disc Features: Interviews with Os Gemeos, Roberto Carlos, Brazilian Team Players & Directors / Producer.


Technical: PAL / Multi Region / DVD5 / Colour / 16:9 / Audio: English, Portuguese / Subtitles: English (Optional) / Running Time 80 mins. Licensed from O2 Films.