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Muriel Grossmann 


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LP | NEW  | 2020



Born in Paris, raised in Vienna, resident in Ibiza, saxophonist and composer Muriel Grossmann embodies the borderless, pan-continental energies of contemporary European jazz. Her music emerges from the lineage of European jazz that's absorbed the progressive music of Coltrane, Dolphy and Sanders. Today, she cites players such as Illinois Jacquet and Lester Young in the same breath as the masters of the avant-garde, and her playing marries the directness and eloquence of the older generation with the questing, spiritualised playing epitomised by Coltrane. "Timeless and innovative... a musical genius" Mike Gates, UK Vibe / "Vibrant, passionate, exhilarating. A monument of spiritual jazz" Mark Sarazzy, Impro Jazz / "You know you are always going to get quality on the Jazzman label and this is yet another brilliant example!" Ruth Fisher, Jazz FM

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