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Silvano D'Auria 

La Mano Lunga Del Padrino

159 LEI

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LP | NEW  | 2019


Latin Jazz OST Sound Track Psychedelic Stage & Screen

Dreamy bossanova, baroque-jazz, fuzz guitar, psychedelic flute, wide and panoramic themes sung by the heavenly Edda Dell’Orso, and arranged by her husband Giacomo (a.k.a. Oscar Lindok). And furthermore, kriminal beats, spy-exotic flavours, and dreamlike suspense, as well as the unmistakable voices of I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. Recorded in 1972, but previously unreleased on any format, THE LONG ARM OF THE GODFATHER, a.k.a. RAFFICA, embodies the essence of the best Italian soundtracks from early 70s. Pure class and top-quality sounds, played by some of the best Italian session musicians of the time.

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