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Manu Dibango 

Gone Clear

240 LEI

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2LP | NEW  | 2020


Reggae Afrobeat Funk Jazz

Gone Clear, is the quintessence of reggae and groove, as only Manu Dibango can conceive them. After a stay in Nigeria and a great tour with the Ivorian Radio-Television Orchestra, the Cameroonian saxophonist landed for the first time in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1976. Just a few steps away from Bob Marley's home (taking the time to greet him every day on his way to the studio to say “hello”!).

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Manu Dibango 

African Voodoo

139 LEI

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LP | NEW  | 2019


Afrobeat Funk Jazz Soul

This album is a wonderful return to the future and should satisfy the need of the Afro-Soul aficionados! Happy that Hot Casa Records celebrated the 86th anniversary of the best French musician in history with one of his best recording reissue!

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