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Ebo Taylor 

Life Stories

169 LEI

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2LP | NEW  | 2017


Afrobeat Funk World

A first ever retrospective of one of Ghana’s golden generation of highlife and Afrobeat artists, Ebo Taylor. The compilation covers his full career from his time leading Apagya Showband to work with Pat Thomas, side bands Uhuru-Yenzu and The Pelicans and solo hits including ‘Love And Death’.

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Ebo Taylor  Pat Thomas 

Disco Highlife Reedit Series Vol. 2

69 LEI

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12" | NEW  | 2019


Electronic Folk Funk Soul Country

Comet presents the 2nd release from its new Disco Highlife series, featuring remastered originals by Ghanaian legends Ebo Taylor & Pat Thomas and disco re-edits by Monsieur Scott and 2 Paris Septembre.

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