Tony Allen  Africa 70 

Jealousy Disco Afro Remixes


Electronic Nu Disco Afrobeat Funk Soul House

Catalog no: Comet 081

12" | NEW  | 2017

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A third release of the Tony Allen & Africa 70 (Disco Afro Series): featuring remastered original versions of Jealousy' and remixes produced by Loya (Reunion Island).

Multi-instrumentalist, initially playing jazz as well as African music, Sébastien Lejeune discovered electronic music when he was living in mainland France. This was the golden age of Warp Records figureheads IDM who had a huge effect on him, in particular the naïve melodies of Plaid and Boards from Canada. During a trip back to his homeland Sébastien became Loya. From that moment on, he started to mix Réunion maloya, Mauritian séga and Indian music with footwork tempo. He blends traditional maloya drums, beatboxes and synths, harmonizing the powerful vocals of Indian Ocean Island singers.

Tony Allen Afrobeat groove inspired me a lot to create the patterns with my drums machines which is the basic of my production work. The Indian Ocean Rhythms formerly coming from Africa recover the true sense on this beats.'

In 1975, Tony Allen recorded his debut album, Jealousy, the first of three made with Afrika 70 and produced by Fela Kuti. Jealousy is according to many still the highlight of his 4 solo-albums, featuring 2 afro-beat gems Jealousy' and Hustler'. Recorded at Decca's 16 track Abule-Oja studio in Lagos, Nigeria. Originally released on Soundworkshop Records in 1975.