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Funky DL 

Classic Was The Day



Catalog no: UTMLP01

2LP | USED  | 1997

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A1        32 Bar Summary
A2        I've Lost My Microphone
Scratches – Funky DL
A3        Underground Hip-Hop
A4        20-20-8-8
Featuring – Versatile E
Scratches – DJ Stixx, Funky DL


B1        On Ya Own
B2        Pink Panther
Co-producer – Funky DL
B3        Confidential Information
Scratches – DJ Stixx
B4        Worlwide
Co-producer – Funky DL
Featuring – Ty


C1        Soul Silhouette
Featuring – M & EM
C2        Classic Moves
C3        Queen Of Diamonds
Co-producer – DJ Parris
C4        Off Key


D1        Make Decisions
D2        Circles (Going Round)
Featuring – M & EM
D3        Eye Remember
D4        If I Hadda Day To Live