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Electronic Funk City-Pop Japanese City-Pop

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Recorded September 13 to October 6,1983 in London. AB'S (often written "A.B.'s" in the UK) is a male Japanese rock band formed in Tokyo in 1982. In Japan, their music is regularly associated with "city pop" or adult-oriented rock.


Their song "Deja Vu" was released in the U.K. and often categorized as instrumental and or jazz-funk, but the music of AB'S, including "Deja Vu" is also known for its chorus performance in Japan. The band currently consists of Fujimaru Yoshino (芳野藤丸) (guitars, vocals), Makoto Matsushita (松下誠) (guitars, vocals), Atsuo Okamoto (岡本郭男) (drums, vocals), Kazuyuki Takekoshi (越かずゆき) (keys, vocals) and Yosuke Toyama (遠山陽介) (bass, vocals).


As all the members are session players, sometimes the band is compared to Toto (band) in Japan. AB'S is sometimes known for a musical style that combines elements of pop, rock, funk, and progressive rock.