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Millie Jackson 

Still Caught Up (Japanese Pressing)

135 LEI

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LP | USED  | 1975


Funk Soul

STILL CAUGHT UP is the conclusion of the saga set out on its predecessor and the subject of the latest in our short series of expanded editions of selected Millie Jackson long-playing classics. Originally released on Spring in July 1975, the LP took the story a few years on from where “Caught Up” had left it and added a further dimension to the memorable love triangle that involved Millie, as “narrator” and “Mr & Mrs Jody”. As before, Millie seamlessly married familiar material with some specially written songs to produce a story line that made your average Jerry Springer Show look meek and mild by comparison. “Still Caught Up” featured several songs that will always be associated with Millie, regardless of who cut them first – Loving Arms being perhaps the most obvious example. - Photographs of the actual used record in the store -

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