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Tony Allen 

Black Voices, 2x12"

150 LEI

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12" | NEW  | 2018


Afrobeat Funk Jazz-Funk

Having released a massive amount of work on his own, Tony Allen completely rewrote the books on what was possible within the Afrobeat genre with his stunning 1999 album from Comet Records, Black Voices. While at first, the album seems to follow the time-tested pattern of Afrobeat, it quickly begins to move into uncharted waters, as Allen is out to prove that one can take the old sound and seamlessly integrate it with new musical forms.

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Tony Allen  Hugh Maseke 


129 LEI

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LP | NEW  | 2020



Rejoice is a collaborative jazz/afrobeat album by Nigerian drummer Tony Allen and South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela. The original sessions were recorded in London in 2010 by World Circuit's Nick Gold, who was eager to document the first recorded meeting of the two African music legends when their touring schedules coincided.

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Tony Allen  Africa 70 

Jealousy Disco Afro Remixes

69 LEI

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12" | NEW  | 2017


Electronic Nu Disco Afrobeat Funk Soul House

In 1975, Tony Allen recorded his debut album, Jealousy, the first of three made with Afrika 70 and produced by Fela Kuti. Jealousy is according to many still the highlight of his 4 solo-albums, featuring 2 afro-beat gems Jealousy' and Hustler'. Recorded at Decca's 16 track Abule-Oja studio in Lagos, Nigeria. Originally released on Soundworkshop Records in 1975.

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