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Gift voucher 250


Two Sides Records


250 LEI

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We know it's difficult to find the perfect present. No wonder we soon realized it's great to offer the chance to let them decide what they what to enjoy from our music selection. 


Even so, there are a lot of customers that ask for our advice when searching for something special and the best part is that the feedback is always great! :)


If you decide you want to offer a Gift Voucher, please have a look on the details below. Nothing fancy but it's good to know how the journey will be.


Getting in possesion of your voucher:

  1. if your selected payment method is to pay by card online, after the payment is confirmed you will receive an e-mail with your unique gift voucher 
  2. if you selected Cash on delivery - you will receive a printed voucher via courier
  3. To avoid dissapointment, please keep in mind the courier's services might be delaied, as always, if the Holidays are just around the corner. You can always avoid stressful situations or sort out last minute gifts by shopping online with online payment - and receiving your Gift voucher by e-mail.


Using the voucher:

1. Online, on our website

  • please use - Cash on delivery - as Payment method
  • please mention your unique gift voucher's code in the last field of the Checkout process (where it's noted Please write us info you feel it is important for us to know concerning your Order or the Delivery process)
  • you will pay at the courier only the difference amount of the order (if any).


2. In our store

  • you need to have at hand the unique gift voucher's code (digital or printed)
  • we welcome you in our store (in our regular business hours) whenever you wish to come by and search through our record selection
  • you can pay cash or with your card only the difference amount (if any).


We hope this option will bring you and your special ones lovely memories!